If I ruled the world

  I am a man in a world that seems to be changing and turning against me every day. The entire political and social landscape has drifted away from the norms that have kept us alive and on which I have built my family. I am called, backward, misogynist, sexist. All I have ever done […]

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Just another angry woman

I am no fool. If we are to be completely honest, I know that my opinions are drowned out by hums. I am fully aware that my opinions irritate, aggravate or bore many. Maybe all the irritation I cause you will enable you to experience a day of my life. To let go of all […]

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Where do the monsters hide?

To put it simply I am considered one of the heartless folk. I lack certain social capacities and I reject or avoid participation in humanitarian indicators such as love or anger. I am cold and remote yet I am still loved. The thing with being like me is that people assume you are filled with […]

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Where can I put it all?

I am one of the boundless lovers, diving in feet first. No fear of the fall. No anticipation of the pain. No worries or anxiety just the immeasurable ability to love to keep me from the fall. I have the names of former lovers tattooed in the inner folds and shaded areas of my body. […]

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Do I make cents?

I hold on tight to this cup of coffee, as if all my answers will appear in it. Like all of us dejected from society will find a current to pull us towards the more acceptable parts of the world. Will my life be more than a great opening line for the story that you tell […]

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Rich Kids

I am one of the other kids. The ones in the family who you don’t see too often. The ones you encounter on your first day in University. You know, those little shits who got everything from mommy and daddy. I inspire doubt, side eyes and whispers, cold hugs and grimaces. You couldn’t love me; […]

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