Student Spring

The dust has settled, the flames have died and once again the air is sweet. The heat seems to be paying homage to the fiery nature of the students and those who have supported. #FeesMustFall. Phones and streets were a blaze for nine days from our students protesting against exorbitant fee increases across South African […]

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A bumpy ride

For much of my life I have travelled around in taxis, in fact it has only been in recent months that I got my own car and officially left the world of taxis. But still, from time to time I do find myself in the odd taxi when my car is not at my disposal […]

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On being Light Skinned

I am a light skinned girl. Often this statement is followed by certain presumptions by people of colour, along the lines of entitlement and superiority complex. Light skinned folk have been given certain titles as if from birth, but who am I to argue them? Ok, so this brings me to the topic of Hue […]

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Tats and Tings

Oh how I love tattoos, piercings, tribal markings and cultural beautification. Tribal scarring and tattoos are my personal favourite. I have one tiny tattoo below the fold of my arm which I absolutely adore as my gateway into the fantastic world of body alteration. Ok so I have my ears pierced, a nose piercing and […]

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Wasted Youth

June 16 2015, marks the 29thanniversary of the 1976 Soweto Youth Uprising. This was a time when the black youth of South Africa gathered together to put their fate in their own hands and create a future they believed in. A mobilized, driven, focused and ambitious youth. They had all the things, supposedly, lacking in […]

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To those of the 011

Poems and songs have been written about the city of Johannesburg and her beautiful splendour. Dreams have been realized and destroyed on her streets and all of this has culminated in making our great city, well, great, This city did not become the leader of the African continent by remaining dormant and uninhabited Jozi Maboneng. […]

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It’s a wrap

We have come to the end of a series of posts of which speak to things that have weighed on my mind. These past nine posts have been fictional open letters speaking on behalf of those who have been to some extent marginalized by society. These are simply observations of what I have seen and […]

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